Shamrock Spiral Irish Breakfast Tea 50 Tea Bags

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  • Irish Breakfast Tea is a full bodied black tea. It compliments nicely the traditional Irish fried breakfast and is usually drunk hot, with milk and sugar added.
  • This Gold Blend tea contains carefully selected teas of the finest quality from around the world. Teas grown on the highest slopes of mount Kenya bring a fresh, rich flavour, tea from Assam in India adds an excellent, full-bodied character & Rwandan leaves finish the blend with a glorious, deep golden colour.
  • The attractive tea canister in our very popular Shamrock Spiral design can be kept as a souvenir and can be re-used as a caddy into the future.
  • Net Weight: 125g Gross Weight: 295g (50 Teabags)
  • CCC Gift bag included



(No reviews yet) Write a Review